Tips & Links

For my dear artist friends out there! Searching for tutorials, tips, instructions or reference? I have been at this point many times. Willing and excited to learn, but no real source to use? Searching the internet for hours and hours? It took me several years to actually use those fancy „reading list“ or „favourite links“ just because I didn’t thought of it. And then I searched hours again to find that specific site with this great resource x)

To make it easier for you (and to be honest also for me) I created this collection of useful links, books and whatever may come in handy. Of course this list isn’t nearly complete (the internet is endless!) but as I find something new and worthy I will put it in 🙂

I would like to start with some basic stuff. As I am currently learning some basic things I will add more links for specific themes, so stay tuned 😉


Basic Information

Reference & Stock Images

IMPORTANT: I do not own any of these stocks! Before you use any of the pictures provided by those artists, make sure you have checked their rules! They put a lot of time and effort in making great stock, so respect their rules!
Robin Rose on deviantart
SenshiStock on deviantart
pyjama-cake on deviantart
faestock on deviantart
mjranum-stock on deviantart
I also encourage you to make your own reference (Maybe you can’t find the proper reference on the internet or you need a special light setting), it’s fun! 😀
A camera (the one on your mobile phone counts too) can also be useful to catch inspiration or textures when you are on the go!


Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth by Andrew Loomis
Creative Illustration by Andrew Loomis
Anatomische Zeichenschule by Andrås Szunyoghy & György Fehér
Color and Light by James Gurney
Historic Costumes in Pictures by Braun & Schneider
Imagine FX
Artbooks are a great source for inspiration too!


Special Topics

TOOLS: Traditional & Digital