One Of A Kind Workshop – IFCC Croatia 2015

From 25th to 30th May 2015, there was a festival in Zagreb, Croatia. Not just some festival. The Independent Festival of Creative Communication. The first happening of, what can I say… this Happening! I heard about it two months before it would happen. There was no schedule online at that time (and that would stay like this for a looooong time xD), but a few speakers were already announced. Names that were wo familiar because I was watching, following, *cough* stalking *cough* them and their art for a very long time. My eyes got wet and I got overly excited. I had to go there, what an opportunity! And Zagreb is just 5 hours away by car. And wasnt one girl of our sketchgroup going there too? I asked her and we made a plan! Go there together 😀Continue reading„One Of A Kind Workshop – IFCC Croatia 2015“

Schoolism in Florence! „Colour & Light“ and „Creature Design“ Workshops

About this time in the last year, I found out that Schoolism would held a workshop in florence. I got really excited because they are located in Canada and now they would be so close!!! *fangirling* I also learned that they are organising workshops all over the world and the nearest to my location are florence and london. The latter was already over.

But florence! I had to take the opportunity!!! Continue reading„Schoolism in Florence! „Colour & Light“ and „Creature Design“ Workshops“