Study & Speed Painting – Bulma from Dragonball

Do you know Cosplay? Means when people customize themself as their favourite character from a Video Game, Anime, Manga, Movie, Mythology and so on. One of my friends, is also a cosplayer. She does cosplay for a long time and her costumes are great! Recently she cosplayed Bulma from Dragonball and at the moment I saw the pictures, I knew I’m gonna paint this!Continue reading„Study & Speed Painting – Bulma from Dragonball“

Know your Tools! Traditional and Digital

There are so many different tools to draw and paint with, the variety of possibilities is just awesome! I will introduce you to some basic tools and of couse to my favourite ones <3
Please remember this is just my personal opinion, as there isn’t just one way to draw. Feel free to test different tools and use what suits you and your needs best. Continue reading„Know your Tools! Traditional and Digital“

Melanie – Zeitraffer-Video

Nach Wochen ohne einen vernünftigen Arbeitsplatz, hatte ich endlich Platz und Zeit um wieder einen aufzubauen! Das war ein Puzzle-Spiel mit der ganzen Technik, aber es wurde großartig! (Mit unglaublich vielen Kabeln die man verstecken muss O_o) Nachdem endlich alles wieder aufgebaut war, konnte ich es nicht erwarten, auszuprobieren wie sich …