Study & Speed Painting – Bulma from Dragonball

Do you know Cosplay? Means when people customize themself as their favourite character from a Video Game, Anime, Manga, Movie, Mythology and so on. One of my friends, is also a cosplayer. She does cosplay for a long time and her costumes are great! Recently she cosplayed Bulma from Dragonball and at the moment I saw the pictures, I knew I’m gonna paint this!

Bulma – Cosplay by Bella-hime
Reference Photo – taken by J Tiffin Photography


For this painting I tried a new workflow or process for lightning and shadows. I used a layer with basecolors, one with ambient occlusion, one multiply layer for the shadows and some more layers for little adjustments. Oh and dont forget the background layer! ūüôā

For a better understanding of my attempt, let us have look at the layers.

First every layer for it’s own


Let’s assemble everything ūüôā


You can also watch the Process!

You know what is also great, I pressed the record button BEFORE I started the painting. So you can watch the whole process in time lapse! YEAH!

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