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Study & Speed Painting – Bulma from Dragonball

By 30. November 2015Dezember 11th, 2015No Comments

Do you know Cosplay? Means when people customize themself as their favourite character from a Video Game, Anime, Manga, Movie, Mythology and so on. One of my friends, is also a cosplayer. She does cosplay for a long time and her costumes are great! Recently she cosplayed Bulma from Dragonball and at the moment I saw the pictures, I knew I’m gonna paint this!

Bulma – Cosplay by Bella-hime
Reference Photo – taken by J Tiffin Photography


For this painting I tried a new workflow or process for lightning and shadows. I used a layer with basecolors, one with ambient occlusion, one multiply layer for the shadows and some more layers for little adjustments. Oh and dont forget the background layer! 🙂

For a better understanding of my attempt, let us have look at the layers.

First every layer for it’s own


Let’s assemble everything 🙂


You can also watch the Process!

You know what is also great, I pressed the record button BEFORE I started the painting. So you can watch the whole process in time lapse! YEAH!

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