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 Interested in my products? YAY! The best way to support me and get something out of it, is to buy something in my Shop. You can find products made by me, prints, original drawings and from time to time commissions.

Oh? Didn’t find the right thing in my shop, but still want to support me?
You can support me by buying me a coffee on Ko-Fi! This is a single payment, very much like a tip 🙂
If you want to support me via Patreon, please be patient, I want to make sure I can offer you great content!



Print on Demand

 I really try to offer a diverse range of products, but hey I am just one person…
…two if the continuous support of my boyfriend counts… so YES that makes two 😉

These print on demand sites, offer more products like covers for mobile phones, blankets, tote-bags and much more. If you like my art and their products, thats great for both of us 🙂



Videos & Live Streams

 You can find speedpaintings and tutorials on Youtube and maybe catch a very rare Carry streaming on Twitch.



Stalk me on Social Media

Want to see more of what I do? Simply stalk me on facebook, instagram, twitter and tumblr for sketches, works in progress and other stuff.




These are sites where I upload my art. is especially for KaKAO-Karten or ACEO-Cards. The other two are for finished illustrations.