This was our Second Sketchgroup Exhibition

The Second Sketchgroup Exhibition was indeed amazing!

If we thought our first exhibiton was already a great sucess, you cant imagine how baffled we were by so many amazing people visiting our Second Sketchgroup Exhibition. My fellow sketchers outdid thereselves with so many great new pieces, bringing delicious food and of course bringing all their friends. The more the merrier! But I guess next time we really need a bigger place 😀

I really have to thank Alexandra for being our host and organizing this event. We know keeping a bunch of chaotic artists organized and keeping their deadlines is not an easy job, but you are amazing at it. Thank you so much! It means a lot to me and the other artists.

Big thanks to the musicians as well, their live performance was beautiful. One of them is a great violinist which happened to be a model for us once. And the big bonus surprise for this evening was Xi, one of the founders of our group, doing live caricatures of the visitors 😀 You can see on the photos they had a lot of fun by watching Xi and with the final results ^__^

Speaking of Photos! Also big thanks to Beniamin for taking them. Visual memories, YAY!
Photos by Beniamin Urbanek,

Also guys, if you want to know more about our sketchgroup, you can visit our facebook page or if you want to join us in sketching, messing around and meet other artists you can join our groups: Sketchgroup Vienna and Life Drawing Vienna. See you there!

I was very sad, but I had to leave this evening sooner than I wanted, because I got sick. But also in this short amount of time I could meet nice people, be amazed by the gorgeous art and of course could chat a bit 😀

Take a look at Beniamins photos, to revive this evening one again.

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