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Schoolism in Florence! “Colour & Light” and “Creature Design” Workshops

By 26. Januar 2015Oktober 28th, 2015No Comments

About this time in the last year, I found out that Schoolism would held a workshop in florence. I got really excited because they are located in Canada and now they would be so close!!! *fangirling* I also learned that they are organising workshops all over the world and the nearest to my location are florence and london. The latter was already over.

But florence! I had to take the opportunity!!! I booked the workshop, a hotel and a train ticket (cheaper than flying and the station is very close to the workshops location). I had chosen a night train, so I could sleep while I was going places! In March my journey started 😀

The train arrived at 6:30 in the morning and then the search for coffee began! Because I was too excited I totally forgot to buy one at the station. But none of the cafes were open, so no coffee for me.

The workshop started at 9:00 and it was awesome!!! (Despite not understanding anyone because everyone was talking italian, but the workshops were held in english, so I was fine with that!)
Terryl Whitlatch welcomed us in the morning with her Creature Design workshop. She showed us some of her works: Jar Jar Binks for example is her creation, as many other creatures from Star Wars also Meridas mother as a bear from Brave and many, many others – google her!
A demo with the title: what would a horse look like if it lives in the trees, was the grand finale and of course the obligatory questions and answers.


Before Nathan Fowkes workshop “Colour & Light” began, Terryl gave autographs. I bought one of her books whitout knowing I would actually meet her! And I got it signed *fangirlingagain*
Nathan explained and showed us how to change the complete emotion of a scene just by adusting light and color! Just amazing. He had examples from movies he worked on (Shrek, Spirit, there also are many others!) and as I rewatched the movies and the certain scenes I just couldnt help but smile 🙂

After the workshops both Nathan and Terryl gave more autographs and I couldnt resist and had to get one of Nathan and another one from Terryl 😀

The next day I spent exploring florence! What a beautiful city, but enough said, I made many photos which you can enjoy now 🙂

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