Das war unsere Zweite Sketch Group Exhibition

Unsere Zweite Sketch Group Exhibition war einfach unglaublich! Zuerst hofften wir, dass genauso viele Leute wie zu unserer ersten Ausstellung, welche ein voller Erfolg war, kommen. Du kannst dir gar nicht vorstellen wie sprachlos wir waren, als wir gesehen haben wie viele, so richtig viele, Besucher gekommen sind! Meine Zeichnerkollegen haben …

This happened in March! New Art and a Surprise

Art on Display & Artists in Action

Sasa, the wonderful person that organises our sketchgroup events, made it happen again! We will have our Second Sketch Group Exhibition in April and to be more precise on the 7th of April. Meet amazing people and their art! You can find more about the sketchgroup and details about the exhibition here, since I already wrote about our fancy little event 🙂Continue reading„This happened in March! New Art and a Surprise“

Study & Speed Painting – Bulma from Dragonball

Do you know Cosplay? Means when people customize themself as their favourite character from a Video Game, Anime, Manga, Movie, Mythology and so on. One of my friends, is also a cosplayer. She does cosplay for a long time and her costumes are great! Recently she cosplayed Bulma from Dragonball and at the moment I saw the pictures, I knew I’m gonna paint this!Continue reading„Study & Speed Painting – Bulma from Dragonball“