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From 25th to 30th May 2015, there was a festival in Zagreb, Croatia. Not just some festival. The Independent Festival of Creative Communication. The first happening of, what can I say… this Happening! I heard about it two months before it would happen. There was no schedule online at that time (and that would stay like this for a looooong time xD), but a few speakers were already announced. Names that were wo familiar because I was watching, following, *cough* stalking *cough* them and their art for a very long time. My eyes got wet and I got overly excited. I had to go there, what an opportunity! And Zagreb is just 5 hours away by car. And wasnt one girl of our sketchgroup going there too? I asked her and we made a plan! Go there together 😀

What can I say? That festival was truly amazing. Everyone of the speakers was just kind and friendly, not one who may have had his nose up in the air. The workshops were inspirational, filled with wisdom and advice and of course funny. Anthony Jones had several workshops and they were fucking awesome! That dude knows how to motivate! And damn, he got some insane skills. Some made some live demos while they would answer questions from the audience. Sometimes it was so quiet, because everyone was just watching the people draw, with passion, just like hypnotized.

In the breaks, everyone would gather in the cafes and restaurant around the main location, the Kino Europe. On our first day I was sitting there, short after the opening event and after a couple of minutes I realized that our table (or tables, we were many, we are Borg! xD), was half filled with speakers. And that is what I meant with no nose in the air… that just didnt existed. Everyone had their nose in the sketchbook or portfolio of someone else, or were sketchbattling each other. It felt like hanging around with friends. This was my adrenaline! If they werent asking for your portfolio by themself you could just ask them if they would take a look and maybe give you some feedback. It was great to hang out with other artists, I learned so much and made new friends. I also got some sketchbook entries from the guys! *fangirling*

If you are an artist, and interested in workshops, the film or video game industry or simply meeting likeminded people and have a great time, go there! Seriously, go there! I can’t wait for next year to come! 😀

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