New Year Resolutions or: What can I improve in 2015?

Hello everybody!

2014 has been a very productive year for me. Looking back at this year and the illustrations I was able to draw, makes me a little bit proud and also surprises me because I tend to have no overview, what I have drawn until I open that specific folder on my laptop and go through the images :p
(Oh! Another thing for the resolution-list!)

 I have a lot on my mind that I want to get on paper this year *crosses fingers* hopefully this plan is gonna help (hey! pssst: I heard writing stuff down and keeping it somewhere visible helps, so I am gonna try this as well)

My summary for 2014: I drew a lot more than the years before, got also more active here on deviantart and on other platforms, which means I kept my resolutions from the last year – YAY!
So I am very optimistic for the new year.

My Summary of Art 2014!

 My Plans for 2015!

  • Inspiration everywhere!
    • I will dedicate one wall to inspiration, where I put
      the glorious work of my favourite artists among with
    • with my own work (see that’s the new resolution xD),
      so I can see how far I have come, what the possibilities are
      and how I can improve
  • Get out of that comfortzone
  • in combination with above – get better at:
    • Emotions
    • Storytelling
    • Backgrounds
    • Landscapes
    • Poses / Gestures
    • Fabric / Clothes
    • Hair
  • Draw more often :p really I need this xD
  • Offer Commissions!
    I still need to think about pricing and what to offer,
    until that feel free to ask if you are interested 😀
    so far I can say there will be portrait- as well as sketch commissions 😉

Wishing everyone a Great Year 2015!

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