Melanie Time Lapse

After weeks whitout a properly workplace, I finally had the space and time to set it up!
It was like playing tetris with my hardware and it turned out clean and shiny (with many cables to hide O_o)

With everything arranged I couldn’t wait to test, it the setup would work. Another thing I wanted to try out, was to record my screen while drawing, to capture my process.
I wanted to try this a few years ago, tried different free programs. But either the performance was really bad so everything lagged, or the performance was pretty well but the recorded video had a terrible quality. So I gave up because I didn’t want to spend too much money.
Back to present, I really wanted to give this another try, so I could watch my process and improve my workflow. Good old google found something for me, an entry on deviantart with different programs for windows and mac. I started to read, first windows: nothing really changed, bad performance or quality or you could sell a liver and a kidney to buy the good programs, meh…
Second  mac: problem instantly solved. Every mac comes with quicktime, which enables you to record your screen or a certain area of it. First I was shocked and then a huge smile turned up on my face: not only years passed by, also my old windows pc died and it was replaced with a macbook =D

A little bit of shame still on my side because I was not aware of that function! Bad me!
Now enjoy my first process video!

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