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By 28. November 2015Dezember 11th, 2015No Comments

I know, I know… October has passed away long ago… Almost a mont ago. But life is busy and I really wanted to post all of my Inktober drawings in a decent quality. And that means scanned… and nope smartphone pictures are not of a decent quality 😀

Inktober is a challenge happening during, guess what… YES October. The challenge is to draw everyday using only ink. More about the tools you can use and about inktober can be found on the website of the initiator. You want to see what the people are creating? It’s so easy to find! Just check #inktober on social media like facebook, instagram and twitter. I have seen stunning artwork and also artists using coloured ink and markers.

I wanted to keep it in black and white, stepping out of my comfort zone and get somewhat used to inks and the different tools that I already have.

I used a brushpen, black ink markers in different sizes and a white ink pen. The time for my drawings varied from about 15 minutes to 1 hour, but I really managed to draw something every day. *pats on shoulder* I even filled an entire sketchbook (not with inktober stuff, but I got my first sketchbook full)! YAY!!

For a little bit extra inspiration and challenge I used the topics from Aqualuminas inkdropchallenge as well. And here as promised the gallery with my inktober drawings 🙂

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