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This happened in March! New Art and a Surprise

By 31. März 2016No Comments

Art on Display & Artists in Action

Sasa, the wonderful person that organises our sketchgroup events, made it happen again! We will have our Second Sketch Group Exhibition in April and to be more precise on the 7th of April. Meet amazing people and their art! You can find more about the sketchgroup and details about the exhibition here, since I already wrote about our fancy little event 🙂

What would an exhibition be without any art? There will be two entirely new pieces I made for this event and maybe some preliminary sketches, but thats not decided yet. I made little flyers with a preview of the pieces:


Here comes the Surprise, at least for me 🙂

The preparations for the exhibition have not been the only exciting thing this month. Something really unexpected happened. I signed up for an Artist Alley booth at the AniMuc Convention which happens this weekend in Fürstenfeldbruck… and got declined. To many people signed up for the Artist Alley. They put me on the waiting list and I thought: “ok, next year it is then.”

But, it wouldnt be a surprise if it ended here. Two weeks ago on Monday evening I got
a call from the Artist Alley manager. He told me somebody dropped out, they got a free spot and if I would be still interested. HELL YES! I was 🙂

Excitement changed into panic an back again. The con was in a little less than three weeks and I had nothing prepared. But it is my first booth at a con, that is awesome!

Back to the drawing board! A lot of Brainstorming and five rewrites of a To-Do-List later, I had sort of a plan. I asked friends what paintings they liked most and based on this I ordered postcards an prints. This is also a great opportunity to show the playing cards I designed some years ago. Not recent but definitely an eyecatcher! For admirers of traditional art I will have notebooks with handdrawn covers and if course I will be open for small commissions during the con.


Artdump! What else?

Imagine this title spoken in a cool George Clooney Voice 😉 Last but not least, all the art done in March, including sketches and studies!

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