My first Convention as an Artist – AniMuc 2016

AniMuc 2016 ist over, Recap-Time

The first time as an artist on a convention. I had a real blast at AniMuc 2016. The people were so nice and friendly. I got to hear so many kind words I could blush for another two weeks! So you can guess, I will do this again! But lets start at the beginning 😉

Getting there

Animuc2016_Booth_001A few days before the convention I got more information about the time we can build our booth and when we should finish it. After doing some math, and doing math again, we set the timer at 4 a.m. Yup… you read correctly: Hella early! My boyfriend and a friend who drove with us were great. I heard zero complains… on the first day xD but still they were great. Thank you guys for helping me 🙂
We arrived at 10 a.m. and till 12 the booth was ready, and I am pretty nervous. But my boothbuddys were really nice and talking to them was fun and also a great distraction.

The Convention begins

There were so many people and I was kinda nervous, so I simply started to draw, I left me some space on the table so I could draw comfortably and of course people could watch me. I always loved to watch other artists draw so why not? It didnt took long till a cute little girl wanted a commission or in this case an entry in her con book. I am so glad and overwhelmed by the amount of commissions I got! I didnt expect anything at all. Thanks to all the peeps who commissioned me for a drawing <3 Have a look at my drawings from Animuc 2016


I will come again!

AniMuc has always been one of my favourite conventions, I have been there for several years. Altough I missed all the showacts I usually watch it was a great expirience and I will definitely try to get a booth again next year. And of course I have some conventions in Austria on my spotlight. But more about this another time 🙂

Some more pictures from the convention that happend around my booth! Awesome cosplayers and an embarrased Carry!

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