Sketches February 2015

Another amazing month full of sketchgroupsessions, life drawings and random sketches.

I started to do more gesture drawings, for two reasons:
1. it is a great way to warm up
2. it is also a great way to draw everyday, even if it’s just a gesture drawing 🙂

Additional to the gesture drawings I am boosting my knowledge in anatomy, bones and muscles YEAH! (call it nude+ if you want xD)

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Know your Tools! Traditional and Digital

There are so many different tools to draw and paint with, the variety of possibilities is just awesome! I will introduce you to some basic tools and of couse to my favourite ones <3
Please remember this is just my personal opinion, as there isn’t just one way to draw. Feel free to test different tools and use what suits you and your needs best. Continue reading„Know your Tools! Traditional and Digital“

Landschaft-Übungen Nr. 1

Nachdem ich eine Woche krank war und genau nicht zeichnen konnte, bin ich froh endlich wieder etwas zeigen zu können. Ich hab dir ja erzĂ€hlt, dass es einer meiner VorsĂ€tze ist, meine Fertigkeiten im Landschaft-Zeichnen zu verbessern. Moment, Korrektur: ich muss die Fertigkeit erstmal aufbauen, bevor ich sie verbessere. Ich kann …