This happened in March! New Art and a Surprise

Art on Display & Artists in Action

Sasa, the wonderful person that organises our sketchgroup events, made it happen again! We will have our Second Sketch Group Exhibition in April and to be more precise on the 7th of April. Meet amazing people and their art! You can find more about the sketchgroup and details about the exhibition here, since I already wrote about our fancy little event 🙂Continue reading„This happened in March! New Art and a Surprise“

FIRST EVER – Sketch Group Exhibition!

Our sketchgroup had it’s first exhibtion! YAY 😀

On the 4th of October we invited people to see what our sketchgroup is about. Life drawing, sketches and fun! Every piece of course needed to have a connection to our sketch events, may it be the ones on thursday with different topics (barbarian, halloween, ballett) or the sunday ones with nude life drawing.Continue reading„FIRST EVER – Sketch Group Exhibition!“

One Of A Kind Workshop – IFCC Croatia 2015

From 25th to 30th May 2015, there was a festival in Zagreb, Croatia. Not just some festival. The Independent Festival of Creative Communication. The first happening of, what can I say… this Happening! I heard about it two months before it would happen. There was no schedule online at that time (and that would stay like this for a looooong time xD), but a few speakers were already announced. Names that were wo familiar because I was watching, following, *cough* stalking *cough* them and their art for a very long time. My eyes got wet and I got overly excited. I had to go there, what an opportunity! And Zagreb is just 5 hours away by car. And wasnt one girl of our sketchgroup going there too? I asked her and we made a plan! Go there together 😀Continue reading„One Of A Kind Workshop – IFCC Croatia 2015“

Know your Tools! Traditional and Digital

There are so many different tools to draw and paint with, the variety of possibilities is just awesome! I will introduce you to some basic tools and of couse to my favourite ones <3
Please remember this is just my personal opinion, as there isn’t just one way to draw. Feel free to test different tools and use what suits you and your needs best. Continue reading„Know your Tools! Traditional and Digital“