Busy April and AniMarket 2016

Prepare for the AniMarket 2016

Since it must be boring to just watch all the new stuff I made in April, I decided to also show you what I made for the AniMarket 2016. The AniMarket is kind of a fleamarket for Anime, Manga and Popculture. You can bring your old stuff, that you dont need/want anymore or in my case, have a booth with your selfmade stuff 😀 I brought prints and postcards and really wanted to came up with something cute and new!


And there, a Panda was born

You know red pandas? Also known as fire foxes? The clumsy, hungry and all sleepy cute little balls of fluff? Yeah! They are so adorable *insert and awwwwww* and I wanted to draw one that could melt your heart! And mine to, yes mine is molten xD

I had to start some where and the first pandas were more semirealistic and painterly. They worked great for stickers and as a motive for the necklaces I made. But… when it came to making keychains it felt like I could to better to make them really awesome. So, lets see what I made and how the pandas evolved 🙂


And of course: Art and Sketchdump

I once again joined the Draw or Die Challenge. The brief was Snow and the seven evil dwarves in a fantasy-scifi-kind of setting, but we could reimangine the dwarves as whatever we liked. So I made a seven headed hydra out of them!

Sketchwise the month was pretty lame xD I had so much to prepare for different events that I rarely came to sketch anything. I managed to attend one, ONE, sketchgroup xD But hey some little things happened, so I guess its fine 🙂


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