A suit for the birthday bottles! Cheers!

My father turned 56 last week and since he likes to dring beer, and with like, I mean he just drinks beer from his one and only brand, we decided to gift him 56 bottles of different beer types from his favourite brand.

Of couse we had to leave out the non alcoholic ones 😉
We ended up with eight bottles and seven different types. My brother got us a crate to put all of them in… I don’t have to mention that this thing is fucking heavy! Goddammit xD My brother is a brave, strong man!

Now comes my part! 🙂
I designed the labels, and of course I had to paint something. The subject was easily spotted: My father with a beer in his hand and the thumbs up – classic!

Cheers! And Happy Birthday Papa!

PS: Want to know how the painting was made? There is a new menu item called resources. In the future I will collect there every step by step, tutorial or downloads. Be prepared.

And now click here for the steps of this painting!

FINAL Papa Beer

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