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2020, bye bye!

Bye 2020 you b**** of a year 💜 We won’t miss you that much.
I took the opportunity, looked through the art I created and updated the improvement meme, that I started ages ago. You can find it after the text 🙂

So how was 2020 for me?

Well, it certainly was a challenge, but not everything was bad to be fair. I think what hit me the most as an artist, was the cancellation of each and every convention and fair that I were to attend. The upside to this were weekends were I could stay at home, without having to travel a lot and working 12 hours a day. That was actually really refreshing.

The downside? I could not meet other artists or people that enjoy my art. Honestly, I missed that a lot. And of course a source of income just vanished into thin air. I adapted by starting to sew facemasks with my own fabrics and that gladly worked out pretty well.

With no conventions in sight I also decided to focus more on freelance work and my shop. Best reason to give my website a well deserved and badly needed make over. Since then I work on offering a bigger variety of products to send colourful joy to peoples homes.


I could focus on my comic and steadily create more comic strips with Rufus. Also started posting his adventures on tapas and webtoons and got some new followers and sweet people that comment on almost every episode, which just warms my heart! That is definitely something I am grateful for.

I also expanded with some new products. For example holographic charms that sadly never saw any convention, fancy new stickers with a holographic or glitter print and new Drakenbun sticker sheets were a nice addition to the shop.

Since my last Drakenbun mug got sold right before christmas, I am also super excited to make new mug designs 🤩
Though I have to plan my projects to work on each of them one at a time or I will get overwhelmed and stuck! Another thing that I learned, planning helps a lot!

Social Life

What social life? xD
That took a big cut. Most of my interactions were via video chat and rare meetings outside. I have to admit, hardcore partying is not something I really do, but I miss livedrawing sessions or going out for a drink with my friends every now and then.

Instead we had birthday parties, craft chats and movie nights via video chat or had excessive phone calls.

The feeling of being lonely was very present on some days, but on some the solitude was actually comforting. The strong urge of getting a pet, to fight loneliness and have someone that keeps you company, also surfaces from time to time. Who knows, maybe 2021 will bring a furry child into my home. We will see.

What I took from 2020?

Unexpected challenges give us the opportunity to learn and grow. It made me think a lot about what I wanna do as an artist and focus more on my own growth as well. Stay more organized and focused on my goals, while still enjoying all the little steps the journey will have and unexpected turns that may lead to new paths.

How was 2020 for you? Tell me in the comments!

Love, Carry


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